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Online Rap Tutoring

Karim has been working with children and youth across the globe in various settings. His vision is always the same: empower, uplift, and inspire. This is an online session with Karim and can be customized to meet your goals, or your child’s goals.

Non Stop Music Madness

A unique online community dedicated to learning how to write, produce, arrange, record, and mix original music. Guided by Karim Rushdy in the easy to use and accessible to anyone with WiFi – Google Classroom platform. All skill levels welcome – we grow together. The only mandatory pre-requisite is a reliable WiFi connection…and YES you can do this with a smartphone, iPad/tablet, or laptop! (Registration fee is in $USD)

London Summer Arts Camp 2017

Join a group of Brazilian students to explore Music, Drama or Photography at London, Ontario’s King’s University College. This is an afternoon, part time, camp that runs from 1pm to 33opm 4 days a week. Register soon to save $100! Registration form will be provided after successful payment is completed. This camp is for ages 12-18. Email


Rap, as well as the use of technology in music making, are extremely quick paths to positive expression. Every voice deserves to be heard, but in our society, its the loudest voice that gets the stage. With The Rap Camp, Karim seeks to create spaces where every voice is able to sing out..or rap out!

Karim Rushdy


Karim is a rapper/songwriter/producer/father/teacher/husband...and he loves food.

Notable Camps

These are some of our favourite or most important camps to be a part of!

Blackfoot Rap Camp

University of Calgary

This has been an ongoing project to help Blackfoot youth regain their language.

ESL and Arts Summer Camp

Students from Brazil come to London, Ontario, Canada every summer to expand their English skills and choose between Drama, Photography, and Music classes!

The Rap Camp in Korea

The Rap Camp in Korea

Children's future world leaders.

Children from all over the world come together in Seoul, South Korea, each year to learn about the United Nations. Now they write raps about unity and hope with the help of The Rap Camp!


Follow the journey!

Summer17- Thursday, July 20

We had lots of fun in arts class today! First, we started the day as a group and had a conversation about the theme of our art program, “What you water will grow”. Then everyone Read more…


Summer17 – Tuesday, July 18

Today was a special day during the arts camp! We had our own London, Ontario version of “The Amazing Race” and the kids had a great time competing against each other for first place. First, the Read more…


Summer17 – Monday, July 17

We had an awesome day today during our first art class!! First, we spent our time getting to know each other, talked about the plane ride here and what they like about Canada so far. Then, we Read more…

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