Today was a special day during the arts camp! We had our own London, Ontario version of “The Amazing Race” and the kids had a great time competingย against each other for first place. First, the kids got into 3 teams and were each given a clue that would lead them to their next location/clue. It was a big scavenger hunt and the first team to solve all the clues won the biggest prize – A soft football with a Canada theme!! Second place took home a big chocolate that looked like a Toonie (a Toonie is a Canadian $2 coin) and third place won a small chocolate that looked like a Loonie (a Canadian $1 coin). The kids were able to explore downtown London, meet new people, and see new sites. After they were all finished we gathered in Victoria Park and handed out their prizes, exchanged stories from the day and enjoyed each others company. So much fun!

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